Amazon | 【Ringke】Galaxy A51 ケース スマホケース [米軍MIL規格取得] クリア カバー 透明 ワイヤレス充電対応 ストラップホール 落下防止 Samsung Galaxy A51 Fusion-X 2019 (Camo Black カモブラック)


New phone for my daughter, means new case for the phone. She wanted something that would show of the nice colour of the back of the phone. I am not a fan of those simple, clear TPU cases, as they offer little real protection. Especially if she dropped it. This case looked to be a good compromise.

It arrived in a simple plastic bag and prior to putting it on, you need to remove the plastic inside film and, once on, the outside film. These are only there to protect the case itself while in transit. It was a bit on the fiddly side to get an edge on these films in order to pull them off though.

The phone snapped (not literally) into the case relatively easily. All the ports are easily accessible and the side buttons work with no issues. In terms of protection, there is a good lip around the phones screen, which will protect it is dropped face down. On the rear, the cameras lenses are set far enough back to ensure they are well protected. The side and corner protection on this case is particularly good. You have nicely raised bumpers in each of the corners. The back of the phone is protected by a hard shell, which will guard against scratches. I am interested to see in the long-term whether this will discolour at all, which is sometimes the case – not necessarily with this Rinke brand.

I did put a glass screen protector on the phone prior to putting it into the case and there were no issues with compatibility between the two.

At £8.99, I think this case is competitively priced and offers good value for money.

I hope you found this review & photos interesting, informative and useful. Thanks for reading.


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