Amazon | Samsung Galaxy A51 (SM-A515F/DSN) Dual SIM 128GB+6GB RAM グローバル版 SIMフリー(Blue/ブルー)


Was slightly concerned with not going flagship, but this is a very good phone. Wouldn’t worry about the non-glass back. It’s a solid build and you’ll probably put it in a case. It does come with a screen protector installed and a case that’s good enough for immediate use. I was concerned about size, but it’s barely bigger than my s7. The bezels are much smaller so screen size is a massive improvement. This version with 8gb is the right choice. Speed is similar to my s7, video quality is just a tad bit less impressive when side-by-side. But when just looking at this phone, you’d never know the difference. And the new version of Android without the carrier bloatware makes everything connect faster. The newer version of Android is a vast improvement. Oh, and the fast charging! Very nice. The battery already lasts more than a day and fast charging is really quick. You can put it on the charger low and have enough juice to go for hours in 30 minutes. I tether a lot for my android car navigation. I was on AU. The phone worked fine on AU for everything except tethering, which is a must for me. Made the switch to Softbank and tethering now works as well. (Plus I’m now saving 4,000 yen a month having switched mobile and internet service over to them.) Only complaint would be the fingerprint recognition for unlocking. Seems to work for a time after registering a new print then fails. I’ve read that the installed screen protector could be the cause. But it’s installed so well, I don’t want to remove it. Maybe I’ll see when the new cases arrive which include screen protectors. Maybe Samsung will make an improvement on an upcoming upgrade. (Cases, by the way, with delivery are available for under 500 yen.) Can’t comment on photos or gaming as I don’t do much or none of either. Very happy with this phone. And at this price, I can again upgrade when 5G has real coverage around Kanto if it looks like 5G will make the experience that much better. For now, I couldn’t be happier.

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