OnePlus Nord vs Samsung Galaxy A51 5G: The weigh-in


Is the new OnePlus the best affordable 5G handset around?

The OnePlus Nord is something of a return to the past for the “budget flagship” specialist… it’s not a flagship, but it is the budget-friendliest OnePlus in years.

The Nord expectedly trims a few aspects compared to the pricier OnePlus 8 line, but still looks to deliver a strong mid-range experience with premium flourishes, including 5G support.

Meanwhile, Samsung has long offered a full array of phones across the price spectrum, and right now the company’s best bet for an affordable, reasonably-priced 5G phone is the newly-released Galaxy A51 5G, a lightly enhanced version of the original LTE version.

Which is the flagship-inspired, 5G-toting, mid-range phone that deserves to be in your pocket right about now? Here’s what we think so far, and we’ll update with a final verdict once we’ve posted reviews of both handsets.

(Galaxy A51 photos are from our LTE version review)


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