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With Samsung having updated their extremely popular A50, there’s no surprise in the uptake of the new Galaxy A51. As a result we’ve reviewed and shortlisted the best Samsung Galaxy A51 screen protectors. As the A51 is relatively new there’s currently not a large selection of screen protectors available and so we’ve put together a […]

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Wondering what’s the best way to protect your Samsung Galaxy A51’s screen? Defend your device from any accidental drops or damages with a quality screen protector. This blog will show you what to buy, and how to install it correctly for maximum protection. 

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Unfortunately the Samsung Galaxy A51 doesn’t come with built-in wireless charging, however we’ve found a simple and cost-effective solution to overcome this. 1. Wireless Charging Adapters This cost effective option is the perfect way to add wireless charging to the Galaxy A51. With it’s premium build-quality and coil placement, this wireless Qi adapter avoids the need […]

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