Samsung Galaxy A51 Smartphone Review : Android


Samsung’s Galaxy A51 is another mid-range device that has hardly any real weaknesses. Its cameras are one of its highlights – although the gap to the high-end is still noticeable, for example when it comes to low-light performance or zooming. Nonetheless, the Galaxy A51 can take some really nice pictures. The bright AMOLED screen is another pleasure – we were particularly impressed by the good color display.

The phone supports a significantly higher amount of LTE frequencies than its predecessor, but the Wi-Fi continues to be rather slow.

Samsung could have put in a little more work in terms of performance and the battery life can’t quite keep up with that of other devices. These are aspects that are particularly noticeable in a direct comparison. Still, the Galaxy A51 is a reliable mid-range phone.

As Samsung has not really made any mistakes, we can definitely recommend the Galaxy A51 smartphone.


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